Engineering with the Human Touch...

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Dependable, enthusiastic, professional and involved are the words which our customers use to describe us.

When asked to explain in more detail, they say dependable means delivering accurately to specification, on time every time...

That enthusiastic and involved best describes the approach of the whole team at Alsager Precision. Committed people who see each new job, not merely as something else to be produced, but as an opportunity to find the best way to achieve the customer’s requirements, which often means suggesting design changes...And that professional, sums up the whole experience, from answering the phone to the clarity of invoice. 

We believe that our success today is testimony to how much our quality driven philosophy is embedded in everything we do, from sheet metal fabrication to CNC machining, from a single prototype to small batch production.

Our customer list, as diverse as the services which we provide includes: 

Bentley Motors 
Rolls-Royce Limited 
Alstom Stafford

 ...Companies we work with, not just for.