Engineering with the Human Touch...

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The production of every finished part follows a natural flow starting with a concept and ending with the final machining operation. Understanding each step and integrating that knowledge into the next one is the key to ensuring that the customer’s exact requirements are met. That is why our services can begin long before any metal is cut, by developing the concept into a prototype part. 

Working from initial sketches or samples we use CAD/CAM software to develop a 3D design ready for customer acceptance prior to producing the prototype part, either 3D surface machined in metal, composite or plastic, or generated as a rapid prototype moulding using PU and RIM.

Once this prototype has been accepted or if the customer prefers, starting from their existing engineering drawings or data, we are ready to machine or fabricate production specification parts.

In addition, our sophisticated 3D Laser scanning capability enables us to offer a 'Reverse Engineering' facility.

Behind our precision machining facility is a vast amount of hands-on experience to not only achieve the accuracy which the design demands, but often to help customers improve their components by optimising them for weight, ease of production and cost.

Working with the car, food, medical and construction industries, our sheet metal fabrication workshop has established an enviable reputation as the specialists in prototype sheet metal and pipe development work. If the customer also requires component assembly, we have the necessary clean areas, skills and controls to ensure consistent results.